With our primary focus on bettering the lives of children and young adults, the money we raise throughout the year is used to fund a number of worthwhile causes. 

They include; Emergency shelters for children in desperate need; Tuition towards nursery school for less fortunate families; Supporting the efforts of first generation Latino youth towards a college education;  Outdoor nature camp for troubled kids; Educating high school students on how to protect themselves in college while on campus and off; Counseling support for women and for the children whose mothers are suffering from breast or ovarian cancer; Expenses for service dogs for children with autism; Local food pantries; Back to school clothing for families that can’t afford new clothes; And many other worthwhile causes.

The Jack DeVito Foundation relies on the generous donations from individuals like you who support the important work that we do.  Please help us continue Jack DeVito’s legacy by making a contribution to our Foundation or joining us at one of our fundraising events.